Art's Alley:

So what is an Art's Alley and why should anyone be interested?


Well for starters it’s a short alley that cuts through the middle of one of the local quaint artist storefronts and only a few feet south of the start/finish line for the marathon/half and 5K runs. Fun area to browse through during marathon weekend. 

Art’s Alley and its tabs were created to  complement race director emails and share lots of tidbits and kernels of information regarding training, course knowledge and some personal notes that may help some runners feel more at ease, almost as if they had been here before. 
I will share information and knowledge that I have attained during 40 years of training and racing and maybe a tip or two may help shave off enough time for a PR or a trip to Boston. 
The posted information has helped me reach personal goals in the marathon, 50 and100 mile races and completing (15 times), the toughest foot race on earth, the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon. The intent here is not to tout my accomplishments (I hate that) but to reveal a credible running history filled with lots of knowledge and experience, which I wish to share and hopefully will help other runners reach their lofty goals.
Any questions email me at:

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