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About our Art Program


My approach for the Art Program, is to focus on process not on final product.  Art is enjoyed by a vast number of people, but many people seem to have the idea that good art displays high technical skills.  Art is not about the displaying of one's skills.


At our Art Room people have many different levels of exposure and understanding of art.  Many members have poor fine motor skills due to the medications they take.  Although I have quite a few members with skils at the professional level, many people surprise me with their creativity if not skills.  I strogly believe that difficulties feed one's creativity.  I feel that many people just  lack the right audience, or audience with educated eyes about art.


I promote selling art works by members, wellness center original note cards and matted printouts with archival materials with the member's works.  Making art is seldom a social activity but when on'es image is appreciated by someone else it brings big smiles o people's hearts.  I am not doing art therapy, but I believe the art that you enjoy is deinitely therapeutic.  I know that for a fact from my own experience.


naomi muakami / Art Director


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