Course Elevation:


We will soon post an elevation chart that depicts the true nature of this course. There is actually no net elevation gain/loss on the course. There is a total of 300 feet gain and 300 feet loss over the 26.2 miles. The first 8 miles is an almost imperceptible 100 foot loss (returns on same section for the same  imperceptible 100 foot gain).


There are several minor 20 foot up and down rollers in the 12 mile loop. The biggest gain is a set of two hills at mile12 (700 feet and 350 feet long) each with plus 40 feet of elevation change, but what goes up, also, goes down 20 to 40 feet.


This course should be considered flat with a few very minor rolling hills (speed bumps, actually) sprinkled in. It's a fast course with a high percentage of Boston qualifiers (one year it was #1 with 34%) and 5th fastest marathon overall times in the country.


I have ran on these roads for over forty years and have Boston qualified on training runs. Plus, it has incredibly beautiful views.


Best in training,


Arthur Webb

Race organizer and course certifier.