Full Marathon Pacers - 2014:



Pace Team Coordinator Beth Carter available for questions at beth.carter@pcisys.net or 719-322-8719

In response to runners’ requests to support Boston Qualifying times, the 2015 Santa Rosa pace team will be targeting 2 minutes in advance of each cutoff time. With this year’s statistics on Boston Marathon entries, we are offering this service to enhance the experience of those runners targeting this prestigious goal. If you have any questions regarding the pace team, please contact the Pace Team Coordinator, Beth Carter.


Greg King - 3:05 Marathon Pacer

Greg got his start as a runner in high school and has not slowed down in the years since. Now 29-years-old, Greg enjoys races of any length, and has branched out into triathlons and mud runs. He has completed four marathons including the 2013 Boston Marathon and 2013 Cleveland Marathon. He hopes to maintain an even 6:52 pace during the Santa Rosa Marathon to help runners striving to hit the magical 3:00 marathon mark. When he’s not pounding the pavement, Greg is often spending time with his daughter, Megan, and his wife, Emily. He enjoys hiking, camping, and video games.

5K- 16:20
10K- 35:58
10 miles- 59:50
Half Marathon- 1:18:17 
Marathon- 2:54:39 
Sprint Triathlon- 1:15:18
Olympic Triathlon- 2:43:46


Peter Kelleher - 3:15 Marathon Pacer


I enjoy running for the health benefits, for the time alone and the opportunity to challenge myself.


I have been pacing marathons for the last eight years because I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and I enjoy the job.

I began running approximately 20 years ago 5 & 10 K distance competitively and then took up Triathlons.  Before long I was running marathons and did several ultras.  I began coaching runners and triathletes with success.  I first qualified for Boston at Silicon Valley Marathon in 2001 where I also finished first in my age group.  I have completed the 2002 and 2007 Boston Marathon.  My Marathon PR was at Portland 3:01:35 in 2009.   I continue to enjoy the challenge of training for my next race and enjoy the opportunity to work and pace with other runners.


Jeffrey Omega - 3:25 Marathon Pacer


I run to relax, compete and improve overall health.


I’ve decided to pace to assist others achieve their running goals.


I ran my first race in 2009 after recovering from a complete Achilles tendon rupture.  I qualified in 2011 for the Boston Marathon after 5 marathon attempts.   I have consecutively participated in the Santa Rosa Marathon for 3 years, achieving a Marathon PR of 2:57:02 in 2013.  After completing Boston Marathon (2012 and 2014) and the Chicago Marathon (2013), I will complete my 3rd Marathon Major Race in New York this upcoming November 2014.  I hope to run all 6 World Marathon Major Races within the next couple of years.



Baiji He - 3:25 Marathon Pacer


I run to stay health and fit.


I pace to help others achieve their race goals and enjoy running.

I started to run in 2009 to lose weight. Later I felt into love with running. I enjoy road racing as well as trail racing. My PRs are 2:55 in Chicago Marathon, and 23:28 in Headlands 100 Miles. I also enjoy running ultra relays (6 ppl team in Ragnar relays) with my best friends. In the above picture, our team placed No.1 in Northwest Passage Relay ultra category.


Johnny Yau - 3:30 Marathon Pacer


I enjoy running for the personal challenges, to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and because I love to eat!  I enjoy pacing for the camaraderie and opportunity to help others achieve their personal goals, as well as my own.  Growing up, running had always been a training mechanism for other sports. But, at the end of a four-year soccer career at UC Davis (and presumably in the best shape of my life), I decided that I should run one marathon just to say “I did it” - the 2005 California International Marathon (CIM).  While it did take seven years before my second marathon (2012 Honolulu), I’ve since embraced running as a second language.  Combining interests in running and travel has taken me to Spain (Barcelona Half Marathon) and Japan (Tokyo Marathon), with hopefully more to come.  Along the way, I’ve also paced two marathons and five half-marathons, and recently returned for the 2013 CIM, where it all began.


Arnel Calamba - 3:30 Marathon Pacer

Over the past two years:
2012 SJ RnR
(1:26:xx) - 2 months after recovering from Big Sur Marathon injury
2013 San Diego 1/2 Marathon
2012 and 2013 Oakland Marathons (3:08:xx and 3:09:xx)
2013 American River 50 Mile Endurance Race
2012 and 2013 Boston 2 Big Sur Challenges
2012 (3:30:xx/5:18:xx-injury)
2013  (3:07:xx/3:14:xx)
2013 Miwok 60K

All the 2013 races were completed within an 8 week span.

Showing my kids a healthy lifestyle and testing out different plans and strategies for faster marathon times.

Ko Ihara - 3:35 Marathon Pacer

I run because, I like to go fast. I also like to test the limits of my aerobic ability by pushing myself to the edge. After all, you only live once.

I pace because I want to help people achieve their personal milestones. It is clearly easier to hit your target race time when there are several experienced runners running alongside you. Also, I would not pass on an opportunity to get a quality run myself, supported by water stations and everything. It’s a win-win situation.

I have pretty much been running for most of my life: I started competing in track and field back in junior high, and continued competing throughout high school. After several years of hiatus during college, and fighting some overuse injuries while returning to action, I am back in healthy running condition. I have completed over 10 marathons, and qualified for NYC Marathon and Boston Marathon.


Erin Mink Garvey - 3:35 Marathon Pacer


I run because it's a gift and a way to challenge myself. I also run to be a positive role model for my daughter so she grows up knowing that she can do anything that sets her mind to, provided she isn't afraid of working hard every single day. Pacing others toward their race day goals is an incredible opportunity for me to give back to the running community, and I am super stoked and so very humbled to be able to pay it forward.


I've called myself a runner for nearly my entire life, with some of my earliest childhood memories revolving around running. After running track in middle and high school, I didn’t run at all in college, but soon after, I ran my first marathon with Team in Training in 2007. Since then, I have run 23 marathons, including qualifying for Boston 11 times and NYC once. I'm sitting pretty at a 3:20:06 marathon PR, though I am working on destroying that later this year. :)


When I'm not running, you'll find me chasing (well, I guess that's still running...) after my family; blogging; reading; and cooking and baking oodles of vegan deliciousness.

Dennis Mui - 3:40 Marathon Pacer


33 years old

Living in Sacramento, CA


Started running in 2007 with a half marathon and vowed never to race again.  Ran CIM in 2008 and vowed never to race again.  Just ran Boston this year for my 10th marathon and have run marathons in six different states.  Have paced friends in 5ks to half marathons. Finished a 50k in 2010. 


Marathon PR: 3:02:44 Steamtown Marathon,  October 2011 (Scranton, PA)

Half Marathon PR: 1:26:59 Akron Half Marathon, September 2011(Akron, OH)

5k PR: 18:27 No Excuses 5k, May 2012 (Sacramento, CA)

Linh Nguyen - 3:40 Marathon Pacer


I run because I can!  For me it is a gift every single time I’m able to step outside and run, and I never take it for granted, despite how I feel at the beginning or during a run, I never regret when I finished my run.


I love pacing because for mostly an individual sport like running, we can make it a group and team effort by working together towards a common goal, a distance and a time.  It’s truly a rare journey to share together for a few hour or minutes.  For me, pacing takes discipline and dedication to helping others, it’s one of the few times that I can truly put myself in someone else’s footstep and empathize with a pace group’s followers.  Most runners don’t realize that it takes more effort for pacers to complete the same distance as their followers.


Currently living in Cupertino, CA but originally from Melbourne, Australia, I’m an active founding member of the RunningAddicts group and have organized as well as paced many races in NorCal and internationally in Melbourne, Australia, with groups ranging from 3:35 to 4:25.  I started running 8 years ago trying to keep up with my kids when I struggled to run a few hundred meters teaching them how to ride a bike.  The backyard grew into a city block, and into a half then a full marathon.  I enjoy helping others stay active, achieve their training/race day goals, as well as giving back to the running community by organizing race volunteers. When not running, I enjoy triathlons and playing the guitar.


photo (2).JPG

Roni Kornitz - 3:50 Marathon Pacer


I love the challenge of long-distance running and the opportunity to meet running buddies.


I pace because I like the opportunity to help runners achieving their goals but sharing my experience.


I’ve been running since 2002. I ran so far (as of April 2014) 76 marathons, 62 halves, and 8 50Ks. May first marathon was San Francisco, and that’s marathon that I paced for the first time in 2009. I paced 19 marathons and 6 halves. I ran Boston Marathon last 3 years, also New York and Chicago last year (I set my PR is Chicago: 3:26:30). Last month I ran 3 marathons in 3 continents in a week. My favorite run is The Relay - I ran it as the captain of Runners Anonymous team since 2005, and in 2009 we started running Lake tahoe Relay also. When I’m not running - I SCUBA dive and ride my motorcycle.


Jon Burg - 3:50 Marathon Pacer


I run to relax, unwind, and escape from the busy days.


I pace to surround myself with amazing people, to hear their remarkable stories, and to have sufficient support and encouragement to finish my race. I know, I’m very selfish.


My race history is like most marathons, long and boring. I’ll spare you the details. But, I can share that I ran my marathon PR (3:13, San Francisco) two days after meeting my future wife at a happy hour. I guess I might have been trying to show off knowing that she was running, and would be looking up my time.


Tammy Perez - 4:00 Marathon Pacer


I run because I love to eat and I’m addicted to running.

I pace to help other runners achieve their goals and to give back to the community.

I started running marathons in 2009 and has since completed 70+ marathons across the United States, ran Boston 4 times, numerous 50K and a 50 milers.  I enjoy running in new places, meeting amazing people, making new friends and I use running to stay in shape. I love to share my passion, obsession and crazy running addiction with others people in the community, and most of all I like to help other runners achieve their running goals. I'm also a certified RRCA Coaching


Molly Knox – 4:00 Marathon Pacer


I have more than 20 years of running experience including many marathons. Most recently I have focused my training on the ultra marathon distance. I finished the Western States 100 mile endurance run in 2012 and have run several 50 mile races. I'm currently training for the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 mile race. I began running as a teen in the Bay Area and have never stopped!

I am a busy mother of two and a Fitness Instructor at California Family Fitness.  In 2009 I trained a group of novice runners to run a full marathon. They all finished including one Boston qualifier!  I am famous for my motivating, spirited style and for providing  tips for training and racing  that inspire runners to realize the importance of good eating for good running performance. My own training involves many miles of running on the Western Sates trail and Auburn area trails in addition to teaching indoor cycle classes.

I live in Roseville, Ca with my husband, 2 children, a lizard, a dog, 2 bunnies and 5 fish!

Beth Carter - 4:10 Marathon Pacer


I’ll run anytime, any place, any weather, any pace.


I pace because you always remember a PR and helping someone else reach theirs is my favorite way to give back to the running community.


I’ve been running for 25 years - more half marathons than a reasonable person should run and a recent marathon PR of 3:25:42. 50K for distance PR and pacing anytime I can because I love to share the love of running.

Hanoch Raviv - 4:10 Marathon Pacer


I run because it is relaxing, easy, and meet new people.


I pace because  it is a friendly environment of meeting new people while recognizing others who ran with you before.


I become a marathon runner on 7/2006 @ SF marathon and since then I did 53 marathons, 12 50K and one 34.5M run (6 hour run).In addition to countless half-marathons, 10k, the-relay seven times, Tahoe Relay. I also completed several triathlons and a single half-Iron. Between events I bike to work and hike around the bay. My marathon PR is 3:28 (Napa 2013), ½ marathon 1:39(Santa Cruz half 2014), 50K 5:06 (Lake Chabot 2012).

Eric Dangott - 4:10 Marathon Pacer


Running is relaxation!  I also run to be better than myself. A quote that captures that sentiment a bit better: “Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.” (John Wooden)

I enjoy pacing because it gives me a chance to be inspired by everybody around me.  It’s also a way to pay forward all of the help and motivation I’ve received from other runners.

My first race was six years ago.  A year later, I joined a local running club, the Southcoast Road Runners, to help me prepare for my first marathon.  It’s been a great relationship!   I run all distances from one mile to a 50k, but have found there’s nothing like a marathon.  Last year I ran seven, and expect to complete at least 10 this year.

Satpal Dalal - 4:20 Marathon Pacer


I run because I just love running, it’s make me happy, healthy & renew me everyday.


I pace because it’s gives me pleasure in helping runners to accomplish their running goals. Also pacing makes many friends & connect people.


Race History: I started running long distances in 2008 & completed my first official marathon at CIM that year. Since then I have finished numerous races up to ultra distances including The-Relay, half marathons, marathons, 50Ks, 50Milers, 100Ks & 100Milers & 125 Milers. I ran 2014-Miwok100K under 15 hrs & qualified for WesternStates100 Miles.



Lynn Delgado - 4:30 Marathon Pacer


Lynn Delgado first started running in 1984 but shortly after graduating from high school in 1985 she stopped...."life!" Although a short running career, it definitely set the stage for a strong running foundation for her mid 40's. After 27 years of not running & picking up a few pounds or more, in 2009 Lynn begin training for her first marathon. After 9 months of training, Lynn ran her first marathon in November of 2009. Since then Lynn has ran 20 marathons and qualified and ran Boston in 2012. Lynn's personal record is 3:50. Lynn's goal is to run 50 marathon's by her 50th birthday. 


When not running, Lynn spends time with her husband of 26 years and their 3 children. Lynn works as a License Clinical Social Worker. Lynn also cross trains with yoga and cycling.

Allegra Kim – 4:30 Marathon Pacer


I run because I can, because it feels great to get out and move, and because at this point, I need it for my sanity. Running has become an outlet and a way to challenge myself. 

 I pace because I am inspired by other runners reaching for goals, whether those goals are to finish a first marathon or to improve their time, and it feels great to witness and be a small part of other runners' accomplishments. Besides, it's fun! 

 Race history: I trained for my first marathon in part because I was anxious about turning 30. I had never been an athlete, so this was way out of my comfort zone. I managed to finish the Big Sur Marathon and it was a great experience. In grad school, I figured I wouldn't have time for marathon training, but a friend cajoled me into training with her, and I ran a few more in grad school and afterwards. After moving back to the Bay Area in 2010, the previously re-lapsing marathon fever really took hold (my husband even caught it) and I have been seriously hooked ever since. I have now run 15 marathons, including Boston, and last year I completed my first 50k distances. I paced the Santa Rosa Marathon last year (4:15), and have paced the Oakland Marathon for 2 years, local half marathons, and the training program for the Oakland Marathon.


Theresa Woo - 4:40 Marathon Pacer

I run to make myself physically and mentally strong.  I find I experience a lot of different feelings while marathon running, and I enjoy overcoming self-doubt when I hit “the wall.”


I pace because I want to help others in achieving their running goals, whether it is completing their first marathon or achieving a PR.


Race history:  I have been running since 2006.  I am a pacer in the Run 365 training program for the SF Marathon, and I have been a pacer in the Oakland Marathon training program.  I was the 5:00 pace co-leader for the Oakland Marathon.  I have completed 32 marathons, 30 half marathons and several 10k and and 5k races.  My 2014 goal is to complete a marathon per month.