Half Marathon Pacers - 2014:



Pace Team Coordinator Beth Carter available for questions at beth.carter@pcisys.net or 719-322-8719

Siming Li - 1:30 Half Marathon Pacer


I run because I can get what I give to it. It is also an interesting sport that can be done alone, with one or two partners, or even with thousands of strangers.


I pace because it is a fine balance between exciting racing and boring training.


It began when I bought my first pair of running shoes, after gaining more than twenty pounds in couples months in 2005. I lost the extra weight in two months and proceeded to train for my first marathon. Since then, I have completed 6 ultras, 40+ full and 30+ half marathons. Struggled from several injuries between 2009 and 2012, now I managed to get back and hopefully update my PRs.


Nayeli Reyburn - 1:40 Half Marathon Pacer


Back in 2010, I ran a PR on the Santa Rosa course and I (finally!) qualified for the NYC Marathon, which I blissfully (as seen in my picture, at about mile 22) ran the following year.  As a 'thank you' to all those associated, I happily look forward to pacing the 4-hour runners.  Santa Rosa will be my 2nd time pacing (I led the 4:00 runners at the OC Surf City Marathon) and my 10th full marathon.  I don't look forward to training in the brutal East Bay heat during the summer but it'll be far better than last summer's Half Ironman Training!  I have been a track coach for 5 years at my son's middle school so you can expect quite a bit of positive chatter and pick-me-ups during our 4 hours together.

Train smart and I'll see you this summer!

Nayeli Reyburn


Michelle Kim - 1:50 Half Marathon Pacer


I run in order to challenge myself and continually get stronger both mentally and physically. Plus it’s fun and it keeps me in shape all year-round.


I pace because I love to give back to the running community. It is always wonderful to help racers meet or exceed their goals. In addition, I get a chance to meet runners from areas all over California!

My first experience participating in a race was interesting. My friend signed me up for a race without asking me. She just gave me a bib, a t-shirt, and told me it was for fund-raising for a good cause. I was suffering during the whole 4 miles, but when I crossed the finish line, I was hooked. I had never felt such a sense of accomplishment. My first half marathon was done without proper training (2:12). Four years later, I continued to run that same half marathon, now with a PR of 1:38. During that time, I have learned what it means to be a smart runner, a giving runner, and a responsible runner, especially through being a member of the RunningAddicts. I am still continuing to grow as a runner!


Christine Tso - 2:00 Half Marathon Pacer


Running is the most physically demanding part of my day and yet it's also the most relaxing. 


I pace because running is both a journey and a destination. Runners have been on an 8-12 week journey preparing for the race. As a pacer, it's my goal to help these runners reach their destination - the finish line. 

Yejun Xu - Half Marathon Pacer 2:00


I run to explore new places, to breath fresh air and to meet more friends. Running is the simplest workout yet the most challenge sport and most devoted sport for me.


I pace to share my own running experience to other runners, to encourage beginners to achieve their confidence.

2013 Santa Rosa Marathon was my first Boston Qualified race and I love the city and the race course. I have been running for about three years and really enjoy it. I have run five Half Marathon, ten Full Marathon, three 50K and the AR50 races. My current marathon PR 3:21:42 was at 2013 CIM, and I keep running to improve it while enjoy more ultra trails.


Hardik Patel – 2:10 Half Marathon Pacer


In September 2012 my wife mentioned that she would like to run a 10k and I said if you run 10k, I will run HM. So I ran Marin County HM in 1:51:40 in March 2013 and then ran Windsor Green HM in 1:46:25 in May 2013. While training for HM, I fell in love with running and have been enjoying running regularly since then. 


I want runners to have fun and not worry about keep looking at their watches to maintain the goal pace. I hope to maintain an even 9:55 pace during the Santa Rosa Half Marathon to help runners hit 2:10 goal.

Melissa Ownby - 2:20 Half Marathon Pacer


I ran my first half marathon in 1999, and finished my first full marathon 6 months later. Since then, I've run more than 40 marathons, 50ks, and 50-milers. Through all of these distances, the moment I hold close to my heart was running my first mile nonstop - and I always think of that when I feel I'm running my toughest mile. I love pacing and helping others train for their running goals, after all, running is the individual sport we all do together!


​Nnenna Okezie - 2:25 Pacer

My name is Nnenna and I so happy to be a pacer! I run because it’s the one selfish 

thing I have complete control over. I want to be a pacer because I wouldn’t have learned 

how much I enjoy running if it weren’t for training with pacers. I first became interested 

in distance running about two years ago when I set a personal goal to complete my first 

half marathon. When I finished the race, I felt so accomplished and eager to continue. 

Since then, I’ve participated in over 10 races including two full marathons and several

half marathons. I’m currently a part of two running groups and I have inspired friends 

to pick up distance running. I discovered that I enjoy inspiring others by telling them 

of my own story of once believing that I could never be a distance runner, as well as 

encouraging them to do their best but listen to their body. I look forward to meeting many new and seasoned runners!


Sara Kurth - 2:30 Half Marathon Pacer


I wish I could say I have some deeply moving and meaningful reason that I run, but if I’m honest with myself I run because I love pizza and cupcakes and those calories aren’t going to burn themselves off. I also love getting outside and seeing all the wonderful bay area parks and trails.


I enjoy pacing because I like helping people accomplish more than they thought they were capable of.  Guiding and encouraging them to reach their goals is a unique experience I am proud of.


I have completed 1 ultra marathon, 20 marathons throughout the US, most recently pacing the 5:00 hour pace group at the 2014 Oakland Marathon, and too many half marathons and odd-distance trail runs to count.


Ryan Munoz - 2:40 Half Marathon Pacer


I have used Meb Keflezigi’s slogan “Run to Overcome,” for years. I use running as a release to overcome some of everyday life challenges. Sometimes you just have to go out there and enjoy your run.


Santa Rosa will be my first time pacing a race. I have paced training runs for Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, Oakland Running Festival Marathon Program. I pace for the joy of seeing runners training so hard achieve their goal and cross that finish line. We all are running the same distance; some of us will take a bit longer. It is not that we are not fast; we want to enjoy our surroundings longer.


I started entering races 5 years ago with the U.S. San Francisco Half not exactly knowing what I was getting into and I have been “hooked,” ever since. I ran 9 marathons with a personal best this year at the Oakland Running Festival with a time of 4:25:30. I am using Santa Rosa as a tune up run for the Oslo Marathon in September.


My favorite event is the 199 mile Golden Gate Relay, Team ARMed and Dangerous. Run to overcome.

Craig in pain.jpg

Amy Do - Half Backup Pacer 2:20-2:30


I run because it is just plain simple I can do it anywhere and all year round, making new friends, stay active and fit, get an energy boost, and having an endless goals to check off.


I pace because I believe providing a fun, supportive system and teamwork will help others to accomplish more.  TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.   Pacing provides me the opportunity to give back to the community, the discipline and consistency of being a responsible athlete.

Since 2008 I started running with my kids just for fun prior to being more focused in 2012 and since then I have completed about 40 races including several triathlons.  I have been a RunningAddicts Pace Team coordinator and pacer for various events in Northern CA.