Full Marathon Pacers - 2013:



3:00 Pacer - Greg King



Greg got his start as a runner in high school and has not slowed down in the years since. Now 29-years-old, Greg enjoys races of any length, and has branched out into triathlons and mud runs. He has completed four marathons including the 2013 Boston Marathon and 2013 Cleveland Marathon. He hopes to maintain an even 6:52 pace during the Santa Rosa Marathon to help runners striving to hit the magical 3:00 marathon mark. When he’s not pounding the pavement, Greg is often spending time with his daughter, Megan, and his wife, Emily. He enjoys hiking, camping, and video games.

5K- 16:20
10K- 35:58
10 miles- 59:50
Half Marathon- 1:18:17
Marathon- 2:54:39
Sprint Triathlon- 1:15:18
Olympic Triathlon- 2:43:46

3:15 Pacer - Michael Cook


Pacing Experience: I've paced the California International Marathon 3:00 and 3:10 group the past 7 years. I also pace a few marathons each year for the ClIF Bar pace team and have also paced The New York Marathon.

With the Santa Rosa marathon a flat course, we should be able to maintain pretty even splits - just a nice even effort. I grew up in the area and am looking forward to running some of the old familiar areas with you.

I'm a software developer for the medical industry. I've also completed races from 100 mile ultra trail marathons like Western States to racing my bicycle in the Race Across America in 2009 to also competing in triathlons.

Michael Cook

Voice: (530) 633-7223

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3:25 Pacer - Arnel Calamba

Over the past two years:

2012 SJ RnR

(1:26:xx) - 2 months after recovering from Big Sur Marathon injury


2013 San Diego 1/2 Marathon

(1:25:xx)2012 and 2013 Oakland Marathons (3:08:xx and 3:09:xx)


2013 American River 50 Mile Endurance Race



2012 and 2013 Boston 2 Big Sur Challenges

2012 (3:30:xx/5:18:xx-injury)

2013  (3:07:xx/3:14:xx)


2013 Miwok 60K(6:57:xx)


All the 2013 races were completed within an 8 week span.


Showing my kids a healthy lifestyle and testing out different plans and strategies for faster marathon times.

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3:30 Pacer: Craig Bronstein


I look forward to a 3:30 finish with you on August 25, those of you grandmaster men 50-54 looking to qualify for Boston, and all other comers, young and old!  It's a great course in all respects, so we are good to go, especially if the weather is like it was last year.  Some details on me, PRs below (Age), and my e-mail address (CraigBronstein@yahoo.com), if you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk general running or marathoning.


Marathon: 3:04:59 (54)

50K: 4:04:58 (54)

50Mile:  7:19:39 (55)

100K: 12:19:27 (56)

100Mile: 23:37:44 (55)

3:45 Pacer - Dennis Mui

34 years old

Living in Sacramento, CA

Started running in 2007 with a half marathon and vowed never to race again.  Ran CIM in 2008 and vowed never to race again.  Just ran Boston this year for my 10th marathon and have run marathons in six different states.  Have paced friends in 5ks to half marathons. Finished a 50k in 2010.


Marathon PR is Boston 2013 2:59:31

Half marathon PR is 1:25:21 Shamrock'n Half Marathon 2013.



3:50 Pacer - Vanessa Kline

Vanessa started running in January 2012 as a way to lose weight and
get in shape after having children. She has completed 13 marathons, 6
half marathons and a 50 miler. She qualified for the Boston Marathon
at her second marathon and hasn't looked back since. She decided to
start pacing as a way to give back to the sport and because she loves
motivating others to reach their goals. Her goals this year include
pacing at least one full marathon a month, running another 50 miler,
and possibly doing her first 100 miler. She calls Hesperia, CA home
and lives with her fiance' Tommy (who is a professional MMA fighter)
and children Damian (9), Bailin (3), and Harper (1).


4:00 Pacer - Molly Knox

I have more than 20 years of running experience including many marathons. Most recently I have focused my training on the ultra marathon distance. I finished the Western States 100 mile endurance run in 2012 and have run several 50 mile races. I'm currently training for the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile race. I began running as a teen in the Bay Area and have never stopped!I am a busy mother of two and a Fitness Instructor at California Family Fitness.  In 2009 I trained a group of novice runners to run a full marathon. They all finished including one Boston qualifier!  I am famous for my motivating, spirited style and for providing  tips for training and racing  that inspire runners to realize the importance of good eating for good running performance. My own training involves many miles of running on the Western Sates trail and Auburn area trails in addition to teaching indoor cycle classes.I live in Roseville, Ca with my husband, 2 children, a lizard, a dog, 2 bunnies and 5 fish!


4:15 Pacer - Allegra Kim

I ran my first marathon for my 30th birthday, with a goal of just finishing on my own feet. I have since run many more marathons and am now training for my first 50k trail race. I've recently learned that I love pacing - I paced the Oakland Marathon, See Jane Run Half Marathon, and the 18-week training program for the Oakland Marathon. I ran the Santa Rosa Marathon in 2012 and am looking forward to pacing runners to a 4:15 finish on the new course, and especially the post-race PANCAKES!

​4:30 Pacer - Lynn Delgado

Lynn Delgado first started running in 1984 but shortly after graduating from high school in 1985 she stopped...."life!"  Although a short running career, it definitely set the stage for a strong running foundation for her mid 40's.  After 27 years of not running & picking up a few pounds or more, in 2009 Lynn begin training for her first marathon.  After 9 months of training, Lynn ran her first marathon in November of 2009.  Since then Lynn has ran 20 marathons and qualified and ran Boston in 2012.  Lynn's personal record is 3:50.  Lynn's goal is to run 50 marathon's by her 50th birthday. 

When not running, Lynn spends time with her husband of 26 years and their 3 children.  Lynn works as a License Clinical Social Worker.  Lynn also cross trains with yoga and cycling.