Parking (Mall/Downtown):

Mall Parking:

Important Parking Information for Race Day :

Please read the following information very carefully regarding race
day parking in downtown Santa Rosa on Sunday, August 23th, 2015.  To
help with planning, remember the following race start times: the
marathon at 6:00 am, the half marathon at 7:00 am and the 5K at 8:00

Parking is open and free prior to 5:30 AM for the following locations:
non-blocked city streets, at city hall, and at the First Street
parking garage (See Brouchure).  If you park at the First Street
garage, you can get to Julliard Park by walking down Santa Rosa Avenue
to enter on the east side of the park.

The Santa Rosa Marathon highly recommends that runners, as well as
family members and friends of runners, park at the Santa Rosa Mall
Plaza Parking structures located at 1071 Santa RosaPlaza, Santa Rosa, CA 9540 .

Anyone who enters the structures and pulls a ticket between 4:00AM and 8:00AM

on race day will only pay a $3 parking fee.

Prior to exiting the parking structures, drivers will need to pay for
parking at the “Pay on Foot” machines with either cash or credit/debit
before they return to their vehicles.  Pay on Foot machines in the
Deck 1, the red parking structure (across from Sears and closest to
Julliard Park) are located on levels 1 & 3 by the elevator. In Deck 2,
the blue parking structure (just north of Deck1/red parking
structure), Pay on Foot machines are also located by the elevator on
levels 1 & 3.  Since we anticipate a large number of drivers on race
day, using the Pay on Foot machines will help shorten the wait for
drivers to exit the parking structures.

*Directions to the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall Parking Decks 1 & 2:

From Highway 101 North:
1. Take the Downtown/Santa Rosa exit
2. Turn right onto 3rd St
3. Immediately take the ramp toward Sears; Deck 1 (red parking
structure) is on your right; Deck 2 (blue parking structure) is on
your left

From Highway 101 South:
1. Take the Downtown/Santa Rosa exit

2. Continue to drive a few blocks, then make a left onto 3rd Street
3. Once crossing Morgan Street, Immediately take the ramp toward
Sears; Deck 1 (red parking structure) is on the right; Deck 2 (blue
parking structure) is on the left






Map of Santa Rosa Plaza is located below 


Santa Rosa Plaza Parking 2015 (PDF)

Just as last year, anyone who pulls a ticket between 4 a.m and 8 a.m will only pay $3 for that ticket regardless of their length of stay. After 8 a.m, the regular mall rate will begin.


Our Pay on Foot machines in Deck 1 (the red parking structure) are located on levels 1 & 3 by the elevator. In Deck 2 (the blue parking structure), they are also located by the elevators on levels 1 & 3. Runners will want to visit these machines to pay their parking fee before returning to their vehicle. This will help expedite the exiting process and ease wait times and backups.


Last year we noticed that a lot of runners carried their ticket on them when the ran. This caused the tickets to become wet and jam in our machines. If a note could go out asking them to keep the ticket with them but not actually on them during the race itself, it will help greatly with ticket jams and the whole payment process at our POF machines. 


Thank you very much and if you have any more questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out.

Downtown Parking:

2015 - Parking Brochure