Race Rules:

Vehicles: The beauty of this course is that it encompasses the

entire scenic Greenway trail, which prohibits all motorized
vehicular traffic. (Except for emergency first-aid responders).

Race Course: Caution and the safety of others must be observed at
all times. The Santa Rosa City and Sonoma County permit process requires The Santa
Rosa Greenway remain an open race course. The entire pathway will
be shared with an occasional walker, bicyclist, runner, dog-
walker, strollers, etc. MP3 players and equivalent systems are not encouraged.


Course safety and etiquette: Since the course is an out and back
with a loop section that runners will be sharing, always practice
the courteous, logical, common, user friendly bear to the right
on the pathway and shout out if you are about to pass another
athlete or pedestrian.


Race time limits: All marathon and half marathon runners should
only participate if they are confident that they can finish the
race in seven hours or less. Traffic control, race monitors,
safety/health volunteers and race officials will vacate the
course at 2:00 pm. Anyone continuing to run the course will be
doing so at their own risk.


IPODS: The use of ear buds will be allowed on course.


Race number: Pin bib numbers on the front of your shirt/shorts and cross the finish line with your bib numbers visible to finish line personnel and photographers. To sort out bandits and Rosie Ruez': If a bib number is not visble then a medallion will not be presented at the finish line. You may plead your case with the race director to resolve the issue. Please, wear your bib.


* Please keep in mind that there is NO Race Day Bib Number pick-up. If you are going to pick-up a Bib Number for a friend or family member, please make sure you have their I.D.

Cancellations/Postponements/Modifications:  The Race Director reserves the right to cancel or modify the Marathon in consideration of Boston qualifier adjustments, permit requirements, extremely adverse weather conditions, other health or safety factors and issues that pose an imminent threat to competitors or volunteers.


Race entries are non-refundable, but can be applied to the following year.


The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not comply with these rules.


Impaired Runner Policy:
Medical personnel are authorized to remove from the race course any runner deemed medically impaired without an automatic disqualification. To be allowed to continue the race, a runner must:

a) be able to proceed in a straight path toward the finish line;
b) be able to explain who they are, where they are on the course, and what they are doing;
c) look clinically fit to proceed with good skin color and body appearance
d) be able to maintain a reasonable running posture.

Last day to process a transfer: -August 1st 2015

Last day to make any changes to registration: -August 1st 2015
Last day to defer your race registration to 2016: - August 1st 2015