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Beautiful Course, Medallion and Tech T-Shirts


"The T-shirt that I got from your race is the best ever!" - T.L.I. British Isles


“Great event. It was beautiful. I will do it again next year and bring my friends.” M. B.

"I can say without reservation that this was one of the best marathons I've ever done. It was top notch."  B.W. San Diego

Starts and finishes in oak and redwood studded Juilliard Park. Unique off road paved, hard-packed flat course crosses three scenic rustic trestle bridges, horse ranches, sprawling vineyards, cornfields, dairies and a large pond with its great white and blue heron, pelicans and snowy white egret habitats.






Harald Eric Nordvold

I have been running for over thirty years and have participated in hundreds of races from big city marathons to small races on the beach.  This last year I decided to try the half marathon distance again after many years of running mostly 5 K distances.  I signed up for two half marathons, one a big city race with thousands of runners and the other the Santa Rosa half marathon.

The Santa Rosa half marathon was my favorite. First was the free parking a block away from the start, and a finish that is in a beautiful park.  With only a thousand or so runners it was easy to find friends for pre-race banter, andbagging and training and lofty predictions for the race that day.

The course is really beautiful along the banks of the river and completely flat.  As you get out of the city limits the course is lined with vineyards and views of Mt. St. Helena and the puffs of steam from the geysers many miles to the north.   There is still water in the river even in August from all the springs in the foothills.  Many birds can be seen fishing in the water, and if you are lucky you may see a live otter splashing.

The course is very easy for the spectator to drive to locations to cheer the runners on.  Great enthusiastic water stations every few miles.  You can feel the race is being put on for the runners and not to make a profit for the city, etc.

So I highly recommend the Santa Rosa Half Marathon, a small town race.  There is also a full

marathon to double your enjoyment.


Linda Keigwin

I was suppose to run this race on Sunday, but due to injury I couldn't. One thing I must say... I CANNOT believe the feedback! This was the one race I should not have missed. I'm so bummed but so happy for the organizers for putting on such a wonderful event. Most post-race feedback I've read from other events sounds like... "it was a good race, I PR'd but ...", or "why didn't they have enough.." etc. Your feedback is amazing and I'm sure it is all due to the hard work you all put in. Congrats to the organizers! I'm not going to miss this one next year!